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New Fire Rating Sign still doesn't do its job says letter writer

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
August 14th, 2014

Editor, The Nelson Daily

On July 31, The Nelson Daily published a letter from Maurice A. Rhodes who raised concerns about a new fire rating sign at the Kootenay Lake Zone office north of Nelson on Highway 3A.

On August 10, two staff — Grant Walton, Southeast Fire Centre Manager and Art Westerhaug, Forest Protection Officer for the Kootenay Lake Zone — responded in a letter of their own.

Mr. Rhodes would like to respond to the response.

Hey!  I was wrong!  And  as I wipe some figurative egg off my face let me congratulate the people reported by Mr. Walton and Mr. Westerhaug in their letter. 

And let my congratulations include my admiration for their ingenuity and initiative in crafting such a sign WITHOUT a consultant.  

But please, in addition to indicating the risk on the east side of the sign perhaps they could make both indications larger, as I believe the intended function of the sign is to advise citizens, particularly those driving by, of the wild fire risk level.

And let me be bold enough to suggest that the size and location of the rating be large enough so that a driver can see it at a glance and not have to search for it.

Maurice A. Rhodes
Nelson BC

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