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Fat Tire Festival brings in the bikers to celebrate cycling in Heritage City

The Nelson Daily Sports
By The Nelson Daily Sports
August 26th, 2014

Nineteen and counting.

Nelson’s Fat Tire Festival went off like a bang as cycling enthusiasts flocked to mountains and streets of the Heritage City to participate in the event in memory of Cam Alexander, a friend and avid cyclist who lost his life tragically while riding his bike 19 years ago.

The three-day event started with the bike clinics and the Kootenay Krawl Friday, took to the hills for Kootenay Kasino Day before concluding at the former Morning Mountain Ski Hill for Cross Country racing.

Here are the results from the weekend:

Kootenay Krawl:

5 and under:  Jack Denny
6-8 year olds:  Wyatt Atkins
9-13 year olds:  Liam Lazier
“Grown-ups”:  Travis Hauck (for the 2nd year)

Last Wheelie Standing:
Under 18:  Nate Atkins
Over 18:  Dude! (for the 2nd year!)

Double Up Cross Country Race

Sane Open Women:  Jennifer Ross (solo)

Sane Open Men:  1st:  “AK Clueless”  Alexander McKenzie and Kevin Cornics
                           2nd:  “Slow Roller”  CJ Reinecke and Matt Peschkl

Sane Open Mixed:  1st:  “Get awesome or die trying”  Rachel MacCowie & Levon Schmidt     

2nd:  “McOlsen”  Jenn McLean and Karl Olsen
3rd:  “Cherry Pickers” Tobi Ridge and Travis Hauck

Sane Juniors:  1st:  Arlo Henderson and Ira McKimm

Sane 80+ Mixed:  1st:  “Cycle-eye” Nicola Kuhn and Ryan Kuhn
                           2nd:  “S&M”  Sue D and Mark D

Sane Over/Under:  1st:  “Team Awesome”  Mike Lazier and Liam Lazier
                            2nd: “Can Kiwi”  Wendy Horning and Damian Horning
                            3rd: “100 Pounds of Bikes” Jim Jamieson & Coda Punchard
                            4th: “Team Green” Tracy Punchard and Oso Punchard
                            5th: “Maley Madness”  Anthony Maley and Imogen Maley
                            6th: “Unicorn Cruzers”  Blair Weston and Jordan Weston

Insane Open Mixed:  “Kiwi Kruisers”  Nik Bernhard and Will Young (From NZ!)

Insane Open  Women:  1st:  “New Bike-itis”  Kristi Crowe & Jessica DeMars
                                   1st:  “Team V”  Jeannie Dwyer and Neeva Marechal

Insane Open Men:  1st:  “Last Minute”  Shane Keyser and Nelson Rocha
                            2nd:  “RossGar”  Gerry Heacock and Dave Sutton
                            3rd: “Mighty Manitoba”  Mike Hood and Remi Champagne
                            4th: “Uphill Battle”  Mark Weigeldt and Sylvain Turgeon
                            5th: “Johnstones”  Luk Jansma and Sasha Kalabais
                            6th:  “Star Trekies” Adam Coyle and Patrick Walker
                            7th:  “Speed Demons”  Jackson Giroux and Robbie Kalabais

Insane Open 80+  Mixed:  1st:  “Peddle, Dang It!”  Sue and Kelly Robertson
                                        2nd:  (no team name)  Candace English and Rudy
                                        3rd:  “Sollidos”  Allison Lutz and Eric Sollid
                                        4th:  “Diamond Duo” Con and Martine Diamond

Insane 80+  Men:  1st:  “Screaming J’s”   John Boulanger and Jakob Dulisse
                            2nd:  “Expo 86”  Graeme Marshall and Joel McBurney
                            3rd: “Moose Knuckles” Lucas Meyers and Dylan Henderson
                            4th: “C&C”  Con Diamond and Case Grypma
                            5th:  “R & B”  Randy Lall and Bruce Gardue

Insane 100+:  50/50:  Laura Lundy and Thierry Brionne

Kids X-C
2-3 Girls:
  1st Sahara, 2nd Elise, 3rd Taya, 4th Stella, 5th Julia
2-3 Boys:  1st Tristan, 2nd Jasper, 3rd Liam, 4th Cole, 5th Romi

4-5 Girls:  1st Molly, 2nd Jersey, 3rd Winter, 4th Naiya, 5th Savanah
4-5 Boys:  1st Liam, 2nd Dylan, 3rd Aiden, 4th Ceder, 5th Parker

6-8 Girls:  1st Ruby, 2nd Anouk, 3rd Rowan, 4th Sasha, 5th Lauren
6-8 Boys:  1st Lachlan, 2nd Marco, 3rd Aiden, 4th Cole, 5th Evan

9-12 Girls:  1st Cayenne, 2nd Maggie, 3rd Imogen, 4th Maika
9-12 Boys:  1st Mason, 2nd Aidan, 3rd Tayton, 4th Joe


Under 13 Girls:    1st: Cayenne Caney         5:08.20
                          2nd:  Neeva Marechal       5:29.33
                          3rd:  Imogen Maley           6:54.74
                          4th:  Macy Weston
Under 13 Boys:  1st:  Nate Atkins                 3:40.68
                         2nd:  Bodhi Kuhn                3:47.63
                         3rd:  Adam Kuch                3:59.70
                        4th:  Nova Schiewe              4:09.86
                        5th:  Liam Lazier                 4:10.16
13-15 Boys:        1st:  Jona Caney                3:23.26
                          2nd:  Kalob Jensen            3:30.26
                          3rd:  Evan Merritt                3:30.49

16-18 Boys:     1st: Sam Kuch                       3:19.45
                       2nd: Conrad Wekwert             3:21.66
                      3rd: Christopher DeVuono        3:30.50
16-18 Girls:       1st:  Devin Knox:                    4:01.43

Open Women:  1st:  Michelle Griffiths              3:17.40
                        2nd:  Gaby Cote                    3:41.38
                        3rd:  Tara Carr                       3:50.76
                        4th:  Helen Miles                   3:51.25

Novice Women:  1st:  Kerry Greenley            4:32:95
  Lynda Dechief            4:36.45
                         3rd:  Cassie Leclair             5:19:15

Open Men:    1st:  Mark Talbot                    2:59.93
                    2nd:  Levon Schmidt               3:05.62
                    3rd:  Seb Lutz                        3:06.10
                    4th:  Russ Fountain                3:10.62
                    5th:  Eric Wahn                    3:11.60

Master Women:  1st:  Sheila Street            4:01.17
                          2nd:  Nicola Kuhn             4:14.75
                          3rd:  Tracy Punchard

Master Men:  1st:  Ryan Kuhn                      3:12.15
                    2nd:  Sean Marechel                3:14:86
                    3rd: Ric Schneider                   3:16.77
                    4th:  Dylan Henderson              3:37.95
                    5th:  Mike Lazier                      3:45.92

CAM SLAM:  Coda Punchard and Jackson Giroux

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