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Nelson's Bruce A. Sinclair takes pitch for Bermuda

Bruce Fuhr
By Bruce Fuhr
July 8th, 2014

L.V. Rogers grad Bruce A. Sinclair is heading back to the 2014 World Field Lacrosse Championships beginning Thursday (July 10) in Denver, Col., at a member of the Bermuda National Team.

Sinclair, 41, graduated from LVR in 1991 before earning a degree from University of Victoria in 1996 and gaining a Masters of Science at Montana State University in Bozeman, Mont.

Sinclair has spent the past 12 years as a Science and Math Teacher and head of data management at Saltus Grammar School in Hamilton, Bermuda, which is the capital of the country located in the Atlantic Ocean off the east coast of the United States.

“I became interested in the sport due to its fast paced nature and team spirit,” Sinclair told The Nelson Daily on the eve of the national tournament.

“I took up lacrosse six years ago and was able to represent Bermuda in the 2010 World Championships in Manchester England.

“In that tournament we placed 18 out of 29 teams . . . won 3 games posting victories over Denmark, Latvia and Norway,” he added.

Sinclair plays defensive midfielder or D-Middy as coaches prefer to call the position.

Sinclair said Bermuda used to have a much higher population of ex-patriot workers, which included several lacrosse players. The interest in the sport allowed followers to enjoy at least a couple of tournaments a year.

However, since the recession, the field lacrosse population has dwindled and the bulk of the competition is now reserved for weekly indoor games with the bulk of the Bermuda National side coming from players who are Bermudian or have a Bermuda connection but are working off island.

Bermuda is playing in the Yellow Division against France, Ireland and Uganda in the 38 nation tournament.

The tournament opens with the opening ceremony Thursday followed by the host United States team battling Canada.

The field is broken into nine divisions, with the top six teams competing in the Blue Division.

The other eight divisions all have four teams and are not grouped by world ranking.

“We have a solid core of returning players heading to Denver,” Sinclair explains.

“Having not seen these countries we play in our pool recently we are unsure of our chances,” he added.

“We hope that we will come away from the pool play with at least one victory. Ireland proved to be strong in England, so we will be looking to be competitive against France and Uganda.”

Sinclair, who played all sports at LVR and has a five-year-old boy named Ciaran, has represented Bermuda at the National level in volleyball team from 2004-2007 and again as assistant coach in 2013.

The World Field Lacrosse Championships conclude (Saturday) July 19 with the Championship game.

The U.S. beat Canada, 12-10, in the 2010 world championship in Manchester, England.

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