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Minimum drink prices for consumers

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July 28th, 2014

To better meet the expectations of British Columbians, government has updated B.C.’s minimum drink prices.

When government introduced happy hours and minimum pricing in June, it said it was open to revisiting prices if they did not match consumers’ expectations.

Creating a new category for draught beer and cider servings 50 oz. and over – with a minimum price of $0.20 per oz. – better reflects not only the prices patrons expect to pay, but also the way draught beer is currently priced throughout the province. This sets B.C.’s minimum price for a standard pitcher (60 oz.) of beer or cider at $12.

With this reduction in the price of pitchers of draught beer, B.C. is also reverting back to a $3 per-ounce price for spirits, as announced originally. This will maintain a good balance between the price options British Columbians expect while still protecting health and public safety.

See this infographic for a table of B.C.’s updated minimum prices:

Pubs and restaurants serve draught beer and cider in a variety of sizes – generally, 9 oz., 16 oz. or 20 oz. glasses, or by the pitcher (approximately 60 oz.). If unsure, British Columbians are encouraged to ask establishments what their serving sizes are, so they can be sure of the per-ounce price they are paying and be better aware of the amount of alcohol they are consuming.

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