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Letter: Baby Stella and family thankful for dedication of local healthcare professionals

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
June 6th, 2014

Editor, The Nelson Daily

We would appreciate you including this letter of gratitude to the health professionals who so ably supported the birth of our child.

As I sit here writing this letter after holding my two-day-old healthy baby girl for three hours skin to skin on my chest with my wife Michelle recovering in the bed beside me I’m feeling so much gratitude and am overwhelmingly thankful that we are all here together.

My wife’s labour was very long and intense. After doctors, nurses and midwives tried every possibility for a vaginal birth the last option was a caesarian birth. 

This came with some life threatening complications, after the birth and after a three-hour surgery Michelle was ambulanced to the intensive care unit in Trail where she spent a day under close observation and was returned to Kootenay Lake Hospital and reunited with the baby.

On behalf of Michelle, myself and baby Stella we would like to thank the professional staff at Kootenay Lake Hospital including Doctors Moola, Boyd, and Gohlieb, as well as the nurses in the maternity ward, the OR nurses and the three midwives from Kootenay community midwifes who all assisted us from the beginning to present. 

Their skill and care will be remembered every time we look at our precious healthy baby.  

With much gratitude and our deepest respect for your hard work and commitment to making this work out so well for us.

Pablo Devine and Michelle Keegan

Nelson, BC

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