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International Skateboarding Day comes to Rosemont Skatepark

The Nelson Daily Sports
By The Nelson Daily Sports
June 20th, 2014

International Skateboarding Day is coming to the new Rosemont Skatepark.

Skateboard Ambassador, Matt LeBlanc and Nelson & District Youth Center is hosting a fundraising hotdog sale and day filled with activities.

LeBlanc, along with implementing some ground rules for everyone’s safety and enjoyment, is also hosting skate camps starting July 7 for 2-4 weeks operated through the NDCC. 

Some of the rules for the new Skatepark include:

Wait your turn and watch out for others. Everyone needs to be aware of his or her surroundings at all times to avoid collisions. This includes watching what others are doing and how they are riding the obstacles.

All obstacles at the park are intended for riding.The ledges and the flat bottom areas are part of the riding surfaces and not meant as sitting /standing/watching areas. All obstacles were meant to be used a certain way so be aware and learn the appropriate lines.

Follow the flow of traffic. Skateparks tend to flow in a certain direction. Riding against the flow is dangerous and may cause collisions with those using the park properly. If you’re unsure of the pattern or flow, sit back and watch how others are using the park or ask a local. Cutting across the park can also be risky, go around the perimeter or wait for an appropriate time to cross, the flow of traffic has the right of way.

Avoid marathon runs. An occasional long run is acceptable but otherwise be considerate of other users. Watch what other riders are doing and make sure your turn is around the same length as theirs.

Adult/parent supervision is advisable. Just like any other recreational centre, an adult should accompany young kids at all times, especially those who are beginners and/or new to the skatepark.

Ride at your own risk. The skatepark is a fun place, but there is a risk of injury. The activities at the park involve high speed movements on hard surfaces and there are several risks associated with this due to the potential of falls and collisions. Keep in mind that our community collaborated to build an advanced skatepark, which is not always the best place for beginners to start riding.

The barbecue celebrating International Skateboarding Day at the Nelson outdoor skatepark starts at noon.


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