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2013 Becoming an Outdoors-Woman weekend at Camp Kooleree

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May 6th, 2013

In just over a month the local chapter of the BC Wildlife Federation is hosting a “Becoming an Outdoors Woman” (BOW) program at Camp Kooleree on Kootenay Lake June 7-9.

The “Becoming an Outdoors Woman” (BOW) program is designed for women 19 years or older and provides them an opportunity to learn outdoor skills in a relaxed non-competitive atmosphere.

Each BOW workshop offers a variety of outdoor related educational workshops for participants to select from in each of three areas: shooting and hunting, fishing, and other outdoor recreation courses.

Over the course of Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, BOW participants will attend four 3 1/2 hour pre-selected courses of their choice. Qualified Instructors conduct the courses ensuring that all participants enjoy a safe, positive, fun and educational experience and are taught in a very ‘hands-on’’ way.

Each BOW weekend is an all-inclusive package; accommodation, meals, four hands-on courses and equipment are provided. BOW workshops are generally held at camps, the atmosphere is ‘outdoorsy’, but comfortable. Participants will stay in lodges, dormitories or cabins that may be rustic, but have modern basic amenities.

Participants are asked to bring their own sleeping bag/pillow and towels. Nutritious meals are provided and cooked by the camp staff. The focus on the weekend is learning in a comfortable atmosphere.

Each BOW location allows for new and interesting workshop topics.

For more information check out the BC Wildlife Federation website:

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