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WHAT'S HAPPENING AT LVR — with Connor Banks

By Contributor
November 18th, 2012

The Nelson Daily welcomes L.V. Rogers Grade 12 student Connor Banks as guest columnist for the present school term.

Banks, among the many other duties of a senior student at LVR, will be periodically deliver the news from the Fairview-based secondary school.

From arts, to sports to news about the upcoming anything and everything at LVR, including information on the upcoming 2013 Graduation Ceremonies in June, Banks will have it covered for The Nelson Daily readers.


I would like to begin by introducing myself — I am Connor Banks a Grade 12 student at LV Rogers Secondary School.

There’s not much to know about me except, I am a typical high school student and I’m very honoured to be writing on behalf of the entire student body at LVR.

‘Mo Bros’ alive and well at LVR

I would like to let the readership know that the month of November signifies something that not many Canadians realise: to raise awareness for prostate cancer.

November is international prostate cancer awareness month. Many around the world put their razors down for a month and either grow a moustache or go full on Grizzly Adams.

 With their “Mo’s”, men raise vital funds and stir up awareness for men’s health and specifically for prostrate cancer. 

Many staff and students at Nelson’s LV Rogers Secondary School have decided to participate in Movember.

These guys are known as “Mo Bros” and for the month of November they grow and trim their beards and moustaches to be the finest around. 

Fall Bombers teams shine in Kootenay competition

There are many athletic highlights this month.

First, I’d like to touch on the achievements of the Cross Country running team. 

The group went to the Provincial Cross Country Championship in Prince George. The participants on the boys’ team were: Micah May, Levi Smith, Digby Benner, Cail Spencer, Walker Dempster, Dale Cushway, Kaden Foy, Jaiden Martinson, and Sam Kuch. 

Each member had fantastic personal result and the team placed 14th out of 30.

The girls’ team included: Jade Bridger, Hailee Gerun, Carilia Horning, Aloe Harris, and Natasha Bergman.  It was a frantic beginning just before the race started as the team was left without their gear until fifteen minutes until the race time started.

Despite this set back, they gave it their all and impressed their coaches, Mr. Marshall and Mr. Francis. Congratulations to everyone on the Cross Country running team.

I know if I tried to run for an extended period of time, there would be an ambulance waiting for me. 

LVR also has other highly competitive and well respected sports teams that traveled or are heading to Provincials this month.

They include the Field Hockey team, that finished 10th at the championships in Burnaby, November 6-9; the swim team that just returned from the provincials November 15-17 in Vancouver and the boy’s AA soccer team that is in Burnaby beginning Monday, November 19-21, for their major tournament.

The girl’s volleyball teams attends the provincials November 28-December 1 in Vancouver.

All these teams have earned births in the AA Provincial Championships.

This is a huge and admirable feet for LVR sports. In my four years at our school, I have never seen this many teams and athletes heading to Provincials.

Seriously though, we are graced with some great athletic talent and talented, dedicated, hard-working coaches.

So, if you have a chance, come out and watch our squads in action.

Vintage Hollywood theme of 2013 LVR Grad Class

Now about the ‘Big Event’ for Grade 12 students in June 2013…the votes are in for both Grad Theme and Grad Executive Committee.

The winning vote for the Grad Theme was: Vintage Hollywood. Nostalgic, very, but nevertheless it will be amusing.

Vintage Hollywood beat out Save Jumbo, Wild West, and Alice in Wonderland: Through the Rabbit Hole.

Personally, I voted for the Shambhala theme, but unfortunately, that wasn’t on the ballot.

Those on the committee are: Carley Bennett, Ameeta Bharbra, Chelsea Chiraco, Kaya Fraser, Liam Long, Levi Maximick, Mikaela Mori, Jordan Mulvihill, and Sydney Zondervan.

Congratulations to them — they are all talented and organized and have one focus . . . and that is to make Grad 2013 memorable and the best there ever was. I sure know I’ll do my part in making in memorable.


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