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Support Wildsight's 'I Love My Lake' project in just two clicks

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November 18th, 2012

Wildsight is one of the finalists for the BC Hydro Communities Champion competition and needs the public’s support.

The environmental body had its “I Love My Lake” video chosen as a finalist and wins $10,000 if named a BC Hydro Community Champion.
Helping is simple — just click here to vote for our “I Love My Lake” video.
It really only takes twoclicks (one here, and then the “Vote” button on the BC Hydro page)  No need to enter any information or any other clicks.  Just two!
Supporters can vote daily. Contest closes December 7.

Canadians have a love affair with water.

However there is often a disconnect between how we relate to water socially, economically, and culturally, and the actions we take to protect it.
“I Love My Lake” social outreach and education program is aimed at creating a mainstream water stewardship ethic and culture in the Kootenay Region, which will facilitate the implementation of water science (like Sensitive Habitat Inventory Mapping) for the long-term health of local lakes.

This public engagement, education and outreach program includes a series of outreach tools and workshops designed to educate lake communities about best practices in shoreline management, and encourages public participation in local planning initiatives.
Love the “I Love My Lake” project? Tell us about it at, and we will send you one of our wicked bumper stickers.

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