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Ronald Wright in Nelson for Mir lecture. Boring, uninspired, lacking uplift

Charles Jeanes
By Charles Jeanes
October 14th, 2012

This is someone we should listen to?

His speaking style is stiff, and his answers in the Q and A were slow, shallow, and had no insight or inspiration for us.

He brings us face to face (reading his notes) with true and very serious factual material about the failures of civilizations, most of which we have already heard. Nelson folk are well informed.

What did he offer as solutions?

Political will.

That was it.

He himself had given plenty of reason to doubt that politics will halt capitalism. He poked fun once at Harper’s favourite word, “economy” — then had no idea how to change this overworld that seems to have such power over us.

Extreme disappointment, amounting to some anger that he had wasted an opportunity to uplift us with some practical steps to turning us away from the several cliff edges we face.

Charles Jeanes

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