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Canada-China Foreign Investment Partnership Agreement must be stopped

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
October 31st, 2012

Editor, The Nelson Daily

I’m writing because the citizens of Canada need to act quickly to prevent PM (Stephen) Harper from pushing an extremely dangerous piece of legislation through parliament without a single debate or vote.

Its called the Canada-China Foreign Investment Partnership Agreement (FIPA) and its purpose is to open the door to massive Chinese companies buying out Canadian natural resource companies.

Under FIPA China’s companies can sue any Canadian government (federal, provincial or municipal) in secret, outside the Canadian court system, for anything our governments might do that could limit these companyies’ profits.

And FIPA deals would last for 31 years!

During which time China’s companies could challenge Canadian efforts to create jobs, protect our environment, build healthy communities, keep wages up, etc. etc., while we the taxpayers foot the bill. We’ve already spent hundreds of billions on similar fall-out from NAFTA.

Right now Belgium is looking at a $3 billion suit because of a deal similar to FIPA.

Harper is an oil-junkie trying to sell off Canadian sovereignty to pay for his next fix. We must not enable him.

Stop FIPA.

Bessie Wapp

Nelson, B.C.

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