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Strong BC contingent set to compete at 2012 Paralympics

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August 29th, 2012

The Canadian Paralympic team in London is getting a big boost from Canada’s western-most province, with British Columbia-born or-trained athletes making up 29 per cent of the team.

Of the 42 athletes B.C. is sending, 38 were born and raised here, while the other four have received substantial training support through the B.C. sport system. B.C. Paralympians in London will be competing in 18 different sports.

British Columbia is also sending a strong contingent of coaches, technical staff, medical and administrative team members, as well as athlete support personnel who call British Columbia home.

Kelowna wheelchair rugby athlete Garett Hickling will magnify British Columbia’s presence at the Opening Ceremony. In addition to his role as a competitor, Hickling has the honour of leading the Canadian Paralympic team as flag-bearer.

The 2012 London Paralympics begin Wednesday and concludes Sunday, September 9.

Quick Facts:

  • 147 athletes make up the Canadian Paralympic team.
  • 29 per cent of the athletes representing Canada were either born in, or train in, British Columbia.
  • 45 coaches and technical staff lead the Canadian Paralympic team in London.
  • Of those, 24 per cent are from B.C.
  • 27 medical staff are supporting the Canadian Paralympic team.
  • Of those, 15 per cent are from B.C.
  • 19 athlete support personnel play key roles with the Canadian Paralympic team during the event competitions.
  • Of those, 21 per cent are from B.C.

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