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Peter and Danica Lee compete in final Penticton Ironman

The Nelson Daily Sports
By The Nelson Daily Sports
August 31st, 2012

Two Nelsonites took part in the final Ironman Canada this past Sunday in Penticton

Peter Lee, and his daughter, Danica, of Nelson completed the grueling course on a hot day in the Okanagan.

The senior Lee, 58, completed the 2.4 mile (3.8 km) swim course in a time of 1:19:56, bike course of 112 miles (180km), 7:39:55 and run course of 26.2 miles (42.2 km), 6:58:26.

Meanwhile, Danica, 24, finished the 2.4 mile (3.8 km) swim course in a time of 1:23:39, bike course of 112 miles (180km), 7:51:09 and run course of 26.2 miles (42.2 km), 6:58:26.

Sunday was the final Ironman Canada to be staged in Penticton.

Race organizers decided to switch the format over to Challenge Penticton – first Challenge Family race in North America.

The launch of Challenge Penticton sees it as the exclusive long distance Challenge race in Canada, and marks the long-distance race returning to its roots with community support and ownership.

“Challenge Penticton will be community driven and designed to benefit residents and athletes alike,” said Mayor Dan Ashton on the Challenge Family website.

“The event will involve a week-long festival that provides a unique experience for athletes, families and spectators, while showcasing our warm and welcoming city. We are happy to be joining the Challenge Family.”

The first Challenge Family takes place on August 25, 2013,

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