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Nelson Youth Theatre presents . . . Juliet & Romeo!

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August 12th, 2012

Nelson Youth Theatre “Juliet & Romeo!” is the full version of Shake-speareʼs classic “Romeo and Juliet” with a dramatic twist ending.

What will it be?

Find out August 17th & 18th, Friday & Saturday at 10 a.m. in downtown Nelson’s Gyro Park.

Showcasing 20 local actors age six to 16, “Juliet & Romeo!” stars Zoe Bingham and Gideon Berry as the famous Juliet and her Romeo, with Petra Shreenan- Craven as Juliet’s Nurse, Zorn Rose as Friar Laurence, Rochelle Pearson as Capulet, Ingrid Love as Montague, Zoe Burrell as Princess Escalia, Sophie Edney as Tybalt, Evan Forst as Mercutio, Tucker Bingham as Benvolio and Soren Hvenegaard as Paris.

Also included are Peyton Whitaker, Versailles McGeady, Maggie Smith, Rayne Loeppky, Lachlan Klammer, Emily Smith, Dune MacDonald, Aysia Loeppky, Sara Hurst and Evie Fortune in an awesome group cast!

An actor-driven vehicle where the play is the thing, Nelson Youth Theater’s 12 fun shows include: “The Nuppet Show”, “The Princess Bride”, “Monster Mash”, “The Tempest”, “The Portal: Beyond the Wall”, “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever”, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

NYT director Jeff Forst has helmed several dozen plays while being a producer, writer, and actor as well. He has a degree in English Literature from the University of Victoria with professional acting training from Gastown Actors Studio.

Local actor credits include Nelson Opera Society’s “Into the Woods”, Silver King Theater’s “The Melville Boys”, The Nelson Theatre Company’s “Deathtrap” and Corvus “More Willful Pursuits”.

All-weather, all-terrain and by donation, the venue for “Juliet & Romeo!” is ʻYe Olde Stone Quarry at the top end of Vernon St., a short walk up from downtown Nelson’s Civic Centre.

In lower Gyro Park, with all the amenities of the wilderness, its best to access “Ye Olde Stone Quarry” from the Vernon St. sidewalk below; rather than the steep trail by the pool and parking lot above.

Audiences are encouraged to port their own comfy thrones and yummy feasts to the show. Non-alcoholic beverages are welcome! There are several picnic blankets for seating available as need be. Please visit for more information about Nelson Youth Theatre and “Juliet & Romeo!”.

This is Shake-speare under natural light like it used to be done with the beauty of nature as a backdrop.

All the scene needs is you.

The players await your entrance.

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