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Chris Ingles muiltimedia works at the Nelson Library

By Contributor
August 9th, 2012

Words, lines, and images collide in edgy graphic renderings in a new exhibition by multimedia artist Chris Ingles, now showing at the Nelson Public Library.

Chris Ingles was born in working-class England, where he was influenced by the 1960s music scene there, known on this side of the pond as the British Invasion.

Although the ways in which these early influences shaped Chris’s artistic approach would not be evident until after emigration to Canada, the raising of a family, and a career in commercial banking, what emerged may be stronger for the accumulation of experience.

Fully embracing visual art after retirement, Chris’s multi-dimensional mixed media pieces that play with words, shapes, angles, and precision reflect his multifaceted past.

“There are no limits to what a person can create, and it can come at any stage of your life,” said  Ingles, whose work, he explains, tells a story and often plays with themes of equality, a nod to his earliest years in what is often a class-based society.

“I love detail, and incorporating both meaningful and not-so-meaningful scripting and pictures into my work,” Ingles said.

“Events from the 50s, 60s, and 70s seem to have some relevance to where we are today. While some pieces may appear to be somewhat tongue-in-cheek, the observer may see a reflection in the work of who they were and what they have become.”

The exhibition includes recent works in acrylic, ink, and collage on canvas, board, and paper. Works by Chris Ingles are featured at the library until mid-September.

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