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August is a busy month for astronomical events at Taghum Hall

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August 9th, 2012

Grab your lawn chair and head to the Taghum Hall for another month of star gazing at the Starry Night Astronomy Program.

Taghum Hall is located 10 kilometers west of Nelson on the waterfront.

August is a busy month for astronomical events.

The Taghum schedule goes like this:

Friday Aug. 10th to 14th – Perseid meteror shower. We won’t have a moon to worry about this year so we should see plenty of meteors. Meteors are best seen from midnight to 3 a.m. and the peak night will be Aug. 12th
Monday Aug 13th – A daytime event. the moon will occult (pass in front of) Venus. Using binoculars, look at the crescent moon in the daytime sky around 1pm and you should see Venus close by. Watch as it disappears behind the moon about 1:03 p.m. It will re-appear from the dark portion of the moon around 2:19.
Monday Aug.13th – Early in the night, as it starts to get dark, look for a close conjuction of Mars and the bright star Spica in the west. Mars will be two degrees above Spica and Saturn will be about four degrees above Mars.
Tuesday Aug. 14th – Mars and Saturn conjunction
Tuesday Aug 21st – Saturn, Mars Spica and the crescent moon are all grouped together. This could make a cool photo.
We will also have our Starry Night Astronomy Program on Friday Aug 10th and Friday Aug. 24th.

There will be no Starry Night Program on Aug. 17th.

Wayne The Star Guy  will be on the top of Mt. Kobau with about 80 other astronomers.

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