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Name that Baby Alpaca

Kyra Hoggan
By Kyra Hoggan
July 5th, 2012

Meet little How-Cute-Am-I, a baby alpaca who was born in a vicious thunderstorm and still doesn’t have a name of her own.

This baby’s soon to become the best-adored face of our local exhibition society, which puts on the Bule Grass Jamborie as well as the Pass Creek Fall fair, not to mention hosting a variety of events at the exhibition grounds ranging from Relay for Life to dog agility contests to events in last year’s BC Summer Games.

Society secretary Donna Smith said they wanted to ensure the whole community feels like part of the family – hence the contest to come up with the best name (you can enter at ).

She said the winner will be announced at this year’s fall fair (Sept. 22 and 23), and there will be a prize – but what it will be is a surprise, just as little No-Name was.

“What’s interesting about alpacas is that they have 11-month pregnancies, and they can hold off an extra month if there’s inclement weather,” Smith explains. “This mom (Victoria) was expecting June 8, but the lousy weather held out longer than she could, and she gave birth during that awful storm on June 23.”

Victoria and her offspring are faring well, though, as they join the exhibition society’s farm family, now consisting of four alpacas, two goats and a mini donkey.

Smith said fair brochures are now available at retailers around town, along with entry forms (which could mean cash prizes for the kids as well as other excellent awards), or can be downloaded at

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