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Birthe Holt delivers the practical aspects of Bio Dynamic Agriculture

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July 25th, 2012

Birthe Holt is offering a one-day course will enable people to get Bio Dynamic farming and gardening working in their own applications, no matter the scale.

The event takes place Sunday (July 29), 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

It is a practical course looking at natural plant feeding, how to build soil structure,the formation of humus, green manure, sheet composting, weeds as green manure,the planting calendar, seed-work, companion planting and compost building.

Storage of the Bio Dynamic preps., correct stirring, heating of the water, spraying techniques and an active perception of plant growth to estimate, when to spray as well as how to add the preps. to the compost pile.

 “In Australia, new growers or garden folks have to attend a similar course in order to be able to buy the preps made by Alex Podolinsky or his associates,” said Holt.

“I have worked with Alex since 1992 and have travelled in Australia and Europe visiting Alex, making preps. with him as well as visiting many farms. In my 1 hectare mixed vegetable garden the results can be seen. I offer introduction courses as they do in Australia and make quality preps., which I sell to people who have been on my course.”

Holt offers a vast experience in BD agriculture to our community in exchange for a bounty of food to feed her and her three children who she is travelling with.

“I have worked with biodynamic farming and gardening since 1982, trained at Kimberton Hills US, and been inspired by the work of Alex Podolinsky since 1992,” Holt explained.

“The last 15 years I have been running a 2,5 acre mixed vegetable production in Denmark as well as a CSA for 150 peoble, a sheltered workshop for mentally handicapped adults, peoble in need of special understanding. I make my own quality biodynamic preparations
under the guidence of Alex Podolinsky.”

 Organizers are asking participants to bring fresh, prepared or preserved food offerings to support Birthe in her work.

Contact Sage 250-505-9402 to register.

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