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Local AquaDiversities earns provincial award

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June 4th, 2012

BC Water & Waste Association (BCWWA) has recognized Nelson-based AquaDiversities Inc. and the Blaylock condo complex with its 2012 Award of Excellence for creating an affordable and innovative new water system, and ending the need for a long-term boil water notice for the complex.

“It is an on-going struggle for communities with small water systems across BC to find affordable solutions to improve their drinking water systems so they are both safe and high quality,” says Daisy Foster, CEO of the 4,400-member BC Water & Waste Association.

However, a Nelson consulting group, AquaDiversities Inc., has done just that for the Blaylock condo complex, located just outside of Nelson.

“This award recognizes an innovative and cost-effective solution, that also sets the bar for stakeholder communications throughout the project,” said Foster.

“The system illustrates that affordable solutions are available for many of the small rural water systems throughout BC that are struggling to cope with providing safe drinking water.”

Nathan Ward, CEO of AquaDiversities says, “I am excited about this award because it will increase public awareness as people will find out there are uncompromised, cost-effective solutions out there for rural water systems to have safe drinking water. It is an honour to be recognized by my peers at BC Water & Waste Association.”

The Blaylock condo water system is a centralized water treatment plant that was retrofitted into their existing system, providing water that meets both Interior Health and Canadian safe drinking water standards. There is also an operation and maintenance contract with a BC certified operator to ensure the system is working as designed, and is providing consistently safe water.

Richard Vere, a resident at Blaylock condos and member of the strata building and maintenance committee says, “We knew we would have to get a new system so we decided to be proactive, and we got the system for a very reasonable price. Everyone is happy to be off the boiled water advisory and have safe water that does not taste of chlorine.”

Communication played a key role in the success of this system. Interior Health drinking water officer, Renee Ansel comments, “I have been involved with promoting safe drinking water as a public health professional since 1985 and have not ever been involved with a water system’s governing board and consultant where the communication has been more effective.”
BCWWA awards are designed to recognize innovation and excellence in the management of water resources, and to showcase the contributions of outstanding individuals and groups in British Columbia and Yukon’s water and wastewater industry.
BC Water & Waste Association is a not-for-profit association that provides a voice for the water and waste community within British Columbia and Yukon.

Through its 4,400 members, BCWWA safeguards public health and the environment by sharing skills, knowledge, education and experience regarding water and wastewater.

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