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Taghum Hall Society Starry Nights/Sunny Days Program unveils new Hydrogen Alpha Scope

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
May 13th, 2012

The Taghum Hall Society Starry Nights/Sunny Days Program got a big boost with the addition of its new is Hydrogen Alpha Scope.

The Hydrogen Alpha Scope and the sun filters on the big telescope we could safely look at the sun which appears through the lens as a bright orange, almost red ball and you can actually see solar flares shooting off the sun and looping back to the sun in an arc.

There are tiny dark spots on the sun that are the Sun Spots and tiny as they are on the face of the sun, each of them is larger than the earth.

The program is run on a volunteer basis mostly with equipment owned by a private individual who loves to share his knowledge and equipment.
During the unveiling of the new Hydrogen Alpha Scope, the Taghum Hall Society had a Barbecue Fundraiser with the help of Nelson & District Credit Union, KAST and Save On Foods and Safeway.

The Taghum Community Hall Society owns the land and building and is 100% managed and  run by volunteers in the community who come from far and wide to participate and help.

Next event in the Starry Nights/Sunny Days Program is Sunday, May 20 with the viewing of the Solar Eclipse. The program begins at 5 p.m. at the Taghum Hall, just off Highway 3A approximately 10 kilometers west of Nelson.

For more information regarding the Taghum Hall programs, contact Deborah Wilson or Linda Barber

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