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LETTER: Got a fix that this province really needs? Try BC Ideas...

By Contributor
May 30th, 2012

Do you have an idea or program that addresses the health, social or environmental challenges facing BC communities? Do you know someone who does?

BC Ideas is an online competition that asks British Columbians to submit innovative ideas that address our province’s toughest social challenges. This collaborative competition is open to all British Columbians and will provide a total of $100,000 to the top entries.

Participating in BC Ideas will give you a platform to share your ideas for social innovation, from concepts to established programs. By entering the competition you can gain profile for your idea or program, receive feedback from experts on social innovation, and secure funding for your work.

I’m writing to invite you to join BC Ideas and enter your innovative idea or program in this competition. To participate, please follow these simple steps:

1.      Go to www.bcideas.caand create an account by clicking on the “Sign In” button at the top-right of your screen. You will be directed to “Create new account.” Once you’ve created your profile you can start on your entry.

2.      Join the community by clicking on the yellow “Join” button in the top banner.

3.      Enter the competition by clicking “Enter.” This will take you to the competition page, where you can start or download an entry form. You have until September 12 to complete your entry (note: once your entry is published you can continue to refine it until September 12).

4.      Visit the Idea Centre at, which will feature blog posts, discussions, thought-leaders, pictures, and videos from across the province.

I hope you will participate and spread the word about BC Ideas to your networks. Together, we can turn B.C.’s best ideas into province-wide change! 


Paige MacFarlane
Assistant DeputyMinister | Open Government and Community Partnerships | Ministry of Education

phone: 250-415-7545 | twitter: @edupaige | BC EdPlan

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