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Osprey Foundations accept grant applications, welcome two new members to the board

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
February 5th, 2012

The Osprey Community Foundation is beginning to accept application for grants for the upcoming year.

In previous years the deadline for grant applications has been the end of April, but for 2012 the deadline will be a month earlier: March 30th.

Forms can be downloaded from the website

The 2012 Arts Legacy Fund grant category for new and emerging artists is Literary Arts.

In other Osprey news:

The Osprey Community Foundation is welcoming two new members to the board in Executive Director at Touchstones Nelson, Leah Best and Helen Lutz, Kootenay Boundary Community Services Co-op, and an early member of SPAN-Nelson and the Nelson Committee on Homelessness.

Best and Lutz join returning members, chair Tom Murray, Andrea Kramer, Pʼnina Shames, Nelson Ames, Gary Ockenden, Al Dawson, Chris Smith and Lindsay Gaschnitz.

In 2000, the Osprey Community Foundation became the 100th member of the Community Foundations of Canada. Community foundations are dedicated to building and strengthening their communities.

The name was chosen after the osprey, the large, soaring hawk that has come to represent this region. But our focus is on people—on the residents of Nelson  and its surrounding area. And the emphasis in our name is on the word community.

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