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Architect Thomas Loh's Vision for the Restoration and Development of Cottonwood Creek (Video)

Bill Metcalfe
By Bill Metcalfe
February 3rd, 2012


The City of Nelson is going to restore and develop Cottonwood Creek from Cottonwood Park to the CPR rail line, creating a network of small public spaces. This will take place mainly in two fragments of the creek on either side of the Baker Street Bridge.

In this video, Thomas Loh takes us to the banks of Cottonwood Creek and tells us about his ideas for the project.

The renewed creek landscape would include footpaths, native shrubs, grass, artefacts related to railroad history, flowers, benches, lighting, and information displays.

This part of the creek is contained in the area the city calls Railtown— the old CPR station and its immediate environs. The station is currently being renovated as a new Chamber of Commerce building.

Local architect Thomas Loh is the designer of the creek project. At the Nelson City Council Meeting on January 23, he and Cultural Development Officer Joy Barrett presented drawings of the proposed project. To see those drawings click here and then click on Cottonwood Creek Corridor in the left column.

The creek restoration will be completed gradually as grant funds permit. Sculptor Brent Bukowski has already started the railing for the bridge, and some landscaping work will begin in the spring.

The project is part of the City’s Sustainable Waterfront and Downtown Master Plan.


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