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Osprey Foundation springs into action to help local community groups

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January 4th, 2012

The Osprey Foundation has been more than a blessing to community groups in Nelson by donating almost $150,000 in 2011.

From a Night at the Opera House to the Blewett Amphitheatre Shade Project to the Summer Youth Mentorship Program, the Osprey Foundation has made it happen.

One of the final grants of 2011 makes the foundation feel particularly warm and furry.

Osprey is funding a pilot animal welfare project that rescues and rehabilitates ‘problem’ dogs and cats.

The volunteers at Kootenay Animal Assistance Program (KAAP) spring into action when an animal is referred to them.

These pets usually have behavioral or medical problems making them hard for their owners to manage or difficult to adopt to new homes.

Without this program, the animals might be otherwise euphonized.

Take Mallory, for instance – a two-year old German Shepherd considered aggressive and a threat to the community.

Now, after work with a trainer, she is in a foster home, doing well, with good potential for rehabilitation.

Recently KAAP’s good Samaritans swooped in to rescue 17 cats and kittens reported to be starving in an abandoned trailer.

The cats were trapped, taken to the vet and spayed/neutered, and temporarily placed for assessment and eventual adoption.

This is just one of the projects made possible thanks to a generous donor to the Foundation, which established a fund that supports local animal welfare projects..
For a list of all our 2011 grant recipients, see

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