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Vogelaar and other Valley artists honoured in Castlegar's SculptureWalk

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
October 24th, 2011

Three Winlaw artists were honoured at the gala evening wrap up Oct. 1 in Castlegar for the city’s SculptureWalk.

Celebrating the summer end to the city’s sculpture tour, David Ducharme, Peter Vogelaar and Rabi’a were given a nod for their exceptional work.

Ducharme was honoured for his original sand piece by having it turned into a cement sculpture.

For artistic merit, Vogelaar was awarded second place for his piece Venus de Cello.

And Huge and Foolish by Rabi’a, a four-foot diameter sphere made of hundreds of welded together industrial pieces, rusty tools, bike parts, horse and buggy gear, farm bits (all but the kitchen sink) was purchased by Columbia Basin Trust to be on public display in Castlegar in perpetuity.

The official results for both the People’s Choice Awards and Artistic Merit Awards.

People’s Choice: two Canadian and two US artists

Overall: Linotype Wapiti Purchase plus $3,000 cash (Artist: Carl Sean McMahon)

1. Jack’s Story Time  $1,000 (Artist: Gregory Johnson)

2. Wheel of Life: $750 (Artist: Christina Nick)

3. Three Ring Circus: $500 (Artist: Tamara Schweigert)

Artistic Merit Awards: three Canadian and one US artist

Overall: Raven $3,000 cash (Artist: Daniel Kloc)

1. Tranquil $1,000 (Artist: Shohini Ghosh)

2. Venus de Cello $500 (Artist: Peter Vogelaar)

3. Road Apples $500 (Artist: Cameron Douglas)

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