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Insane, crazy and a lot of smiles highlight the 16th annual Nelson Fat Tire Festival

The Nelson Daily Sports
By The Nelson Daily Sports
August 30th, 2011

By Bruce Fuhr
The Nelson Daily Sports

Insane jumps and crazy runs at Morning Mountain, tons of smiles at Rosemont Bike Park and even an appearance by Superman highlighted the 16th annual Fat Tire Festival this past weekend in Nelson.

“The weekend was spectacular,” said Fat Tire Fest organizer Jessica DeMars when asked about the event.

“We had over 90 kids under 12 (and) a total of 158 participants,” DeMar, who along with Travis Hauck, spearheaded the 16th annual cycling extravaganza, added.

“That’s a lot of people showing off their love of bikes.”

DeMars was especially pumped with the sellout crowd of riders, parents and friends Saturday at Rosemont Bike Park.

The competition, which included cross country races through the Art Gibbons Park, a Dirt Jam along with activities and a barbecue, attracted more than 90 competitors under the age of 12 and 20 in the 13-18 range.

“(We’re) super excited about all the young kids riding their bikes,” DeMars exclaimed. “We’d like to foster that younger category so in a few years we see the numbers of teens riding their bikes stay strong . . . especially in the era of technology.”

Winners in the Kids Cross Country included Nicholas Bowen in age 2-3; Ethan Knight and Maya Krause in 4-5; Yael Oosthuizen and Mirabelle Kolmel in 6-8 and Tibo Kolmel and Oso Punchard in 9-12.

The action shifted to Baker Street for the street parade Saturday afternoon before the Downtown Criterium Races captured center stage.

Jeannie Dwyer and Travis Hauck glided away with the women’s and men’s titles, respectively.

Tobi Ridge and Sheila Street were second and third in the women’s while Ronnie Hawes and Brian Chard also earned medals in the men’s race.

The criterium had riders race around the streets bordering the Royal Hotel.

Sunday the Festival shifted to Morning Mountain for cross country and downhill races.

Cross country winners included Gabe Carpendale in 16-18 boys; Dylan Henderson in open sane men; Scott Legere in open insane men; Dwyer in open insane women’ James McConville in masters same men; Trevor Lumley in masters insane men and Street in masters insane women’s.

Downhill winners had Eli Lutz first in 9-12 male; Sebastian Lutz tops in 13-15 male; Chloe Kuch first in 16-18 female; Elijah Hill best in 16-18 male; Michelle Griffiths winning open female; Derek Chambers dominating the field in open male; Dwyer and Lumley tops in masters women and men, respectively.

All Mountain winners were Carpendale and Dwyer with Haws and Chard tying for top spot in men.

“The parade is a big hit and the great thing is it gives us a chance to show off how much we love our bikes and maybe remind a few other people who caught a glimpse of it about the sheer joy of riding a bike as a kid,” DeMars explained.

“Maybe it will remind them to get back on their bike.”

Of course the real reason for the Fat Tire Fest was to honour the memory of Cam Alexander, who tragically passed away 16 years ago while riding his bike.

“Since then the Kootenay Fat Tire Festival has evolved as a way to not only remember Cam, but to celebrate the sheer joy that comes from riding a bike down a mountain,” DeMars said.

The Kootenay Fat Tire Festival is sponsored by the Nelson Cycling Club.

Complete Fat Tire Festival Results:

Kids Cross Country Races:

Ages 2-3:  1st – Nicholas Bowen; 2nd – Xavier Wright; 3rd – Nina Usher
Ages 4-5:  Boys:  1st – Ethan Knight; 2nd – Jasper Elris; 3rd – Connor Jackson
      Girls:  1st – Maya Krause; 2nd – Ella Morris; 3rd – Rowan Maley
Ages 6-8:  Boys: 1st – Yael Oosthuizen; 2nd – Nate Atkins; 3rd – Noah Melenfant
      Girls:  1st – Mirabelle Kolmel; 2nd – Lauren Robertson; 3rd – Tula Sherkat
Ages 9-12:  Boys:  1st – Tibo Kolmel; 2nd – Kalob Jensen; 3rd – Eli Lutz
       Girls:  1st – Oso Punchard; 2nd – Jordan Weston

Downtown Criterium Races:

No official results for kids, due to the complexity of organizing that!
Women:  1st – Jeannie Dwyer; 2nd – Tobi Ridge; 3rd – Sheila Street
Men:  1st – Travis Hauck; 2nd – Ronnie Haws; 3rd – Brian Chard

Morning Mountain Events:
Cross Country:

16-18 Male:  1st – Gabe Carpendale
Open Sane Male (3 laps):  1st – Dylan Henderson
Open Insane Male  (5 laps):  1st – Scott Legere;  2nd – Brian Chard; 3rd – Ronnie Haws
Open Insane Female (4 laps):
1st – Jeannie Dwyer; 2nd – Dustin Eagleston; 3rd – Louise Porto
Master Sane Male( 3 laps):
1st – James McConville; 2nd – Thierry Brionne; 3rd – James Kyle
Master Insane Male (5 laps): 1st – Trevor Lumley; 2nd – Con Diamond; 3rd – Ben Eaton
Master Insane Female (3 laps):  1st – Sheila Street

9-12 Male:  1st – Eli Lutz; 2nd Kaleb Jenson; 3rd – Arlo Henderson
13-15 Male:  1st – Sebastian Lutz; 2nd – Lewis Seagram; 3rd – Sky Dunn-Jarvis
16-18 Female:  1st – Chloe Kuch; 2nd – Jaliya Johnson-Waller
16-18 Male:  1st – Elijah Hill; 2nd – Alex Volokhov; 3rd – Quinn Hanley
Open Female:  1st – Michelle Griffiths; 2nd – Maya Grosch; 3rd – Dustin Eagleston
Open Male:   1st – Derek Chambers; 2nd – Russel Fountain; 3rd – Jared Dyck
Master Women: 1st – Jeannie Dwyer; 2nd – Sheila Street
Master Men:  1st – Trevor Lumley; 2nd – Sean Marechal; 3rd – Cam Kuch

All Mountain Award
(all 3 events on the same bike)/ Cam Slam Award
16-18: Gabe Carpendale
Women:  Jeannie Dwyer
Men:  (Tie)  Ronnie Haws, Brian Chard

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