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French immersion popularity on the rise in B.C.

June 14th, 2011

This will only add fuel to the fire of parents blocked by a recent School District No. 8 board of trustees decision to not add a third French Immersion class.

According to a Vancouver Sun story, the popularity of French immersion programs in B.C. public schools just keeps on growing.

This year, the number of French immersion students climbed to 44,848, an increase of 884, or two per cent, over last year, the Canadian Parents for French (CPF) said in a news release.

Compare that figure to a 0.24 per cent slide in total public school enrolments.

This statistic isn’t an anomaly. French immersion enrolments have been growing steadily for 13 years, although this year’s increase is down from the 3.51 per cent bump a year earlier, and a record 6.99 per cent increase in 2005-06.

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