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FLOOD WATCH: High stream advisory for Kettle and Granby rivers

Boundary Sentinel
By Boundary Sentinel
June 9th, 2011

The BC River Forecast Centre is issuing a high streamflow advisory for the Kettle and Boundary Regions, including the West Kettle, Kettle and Granby Rivers.

River levels in the region have been rising in response to the warm temperatures associated with a weak ridge of high pressure over southern BC.  

Area automated snow pillows have reported a daily loss of snow water equivalent of 20‐30 millimeter (MM) over the past few days, and the rate of melt is expected to remain high with a forecast through the region of daytime high temperatures in the upper 20’s.     

River levels have been rising sharply due to the elevated snow melt rates. The Kettle River near Westbridge has risen approximately 35 centimeters (CM) since Sunday, and is currently at a two‐year flow level.

The Granby River near Grand Forks has risen approximately 30 cm since Sunday, and is currently approaching a two‐year flow level.

Environment Canada is forecasting a low pressure trough to affect the region Monday evening and through to Wednesday, with precipitation totals in the 20‐30 mm range.
River levels will continue to rise in response to rapid snow melt Monday, followed by
precipitation into Tuesday and Wednesday.

High streamflow conditions are expected throughout the region.

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