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Council on tap: Keeping bees in Nelson and fire hall renovations

Timothy Schafer
By Timothy Schafer
June 27th, 2011

The budget has not been blown for the Fire Hall renovation, the City’s fire chief is expected to reveal to City council tonight in their committee of the whole meeting (7 p.m.).

Although it is not yet complete, Simon Grypma will be informing council on the progress of the renovation,

A feasibility study was originally conducted to replace the windows as part of the greenhouse gas initiative.

The thermal report revealed that there was no insulation in the exterior walls and a few other “unknowns” were present.

The renovation is in the final stages with the installation of fixtures, trim, doors, flooring and the ceiling is yet to be completed.

Queen’s Bees project

A plea for the necessity of allowing honeybees in Nelson will be made by a representative of The Queen’s Bees Project founder.

Christina Yahn will petition council to consider allowing one of the most economically valuable pollinators for crop mono-cultures worldwide into Nelson.

“Yields of certain fruit, seed and nut crops decrease by more than 90 per cent without these highly efficient pollinators,” said Yahn in her report to council prior to the meeting.

The global economic value of bees is estimated to be between $36-$90 billion, including apiculture markets and cash crop yields.

The report will focus on the instability of wild and managed bee populations, the driving forces, diminishing measures and recommendations as the pollinator’s decline is observed worldwide.

Learn and Do books

Angela Lund and her father Terry Lund will present their children’s book Let’s Paint a Flower which is part of a series of educational and entertaining board and picture books.

The series educates and advocates children to learn by doing.

Wildfire outreach in the city

Fire chief Simon Grypma will be providing an overview of the 2011 Community Wildfire Outreach program in the city.

Nelson Fire Rescue is partnering with local insurance brokers to oifer a FireSmart Insurance Credit contest, pooling $800 towards covering the fire insurance premium for one FireSmart Nelson homeowner.!/TheNelsonDaily

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