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The Royal looks to create 16-unit strata in current building

Timothy Schafer
By Timothy Schafer
May 9th, 2011

The Royal Grill and Lounge on Baker Street is looking to renovate their existing building into a strata, taking 14 rental units off the Nelson market and instead putting 16 residential units up for sale.

A development application has been received by City Hall for the building at 330 Baker Street, seeking to renovate the building and stratify the lounge, commercial space and residential units.

That application will come to City council Monday night (7 p.m.) in City council chambers as they consider the change under the Strata Property Act.

Under the act, approval for the change must take into account the priority of rental accommodation over privately owned housing in the area and proposals for relocation of persons currently occupying the building.

However, the City has no policy with respect to the conversion of existing buildings into strata units. The Official Community Plan is “silent” on the conversion of rental units in existing buildings to strata units.

A City staff report from the Development Services and Sustainability department is recommending approval of the application for stratification, subject to “the proponent demonstrating that the proposed renovations substantially comply with the most recent edition of the BC Building Code” of the Strata Property Act.

Savoy building amendment moves ahead

The Kootenay Christian Fellowship Church has applied to rezone the building once known as the Savoy Hotel at 198 Baker Street, and a public hearing is looming if first and second reading is approved by council Monday night.

The zoning amendment the church is seeking would allow for a mixed-use development that includes the development of a church, meal program, commercial space and 17 fully contained bachelor suites.

City staff is recommending the amendment to the Land Use Regulation Bylaw proceed to first and second reading.

The church is asking the City to waive the fees associated with the development of the site. The City fees associated with the development are approximately $60,000.

A public hearing pursuant to the Local Government Act will be held if the amendment passes first and second reading.

If the application moves on to third reading, final adoption will be withheld until a housing agreement, that includes standards of maintenance, has been registered on title. That agreement will ensure the 17 units in the building will be preserved as affordable housing in perpetuity and administered by B.C. Housing.

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Disc golf course could get their hole-in-one

A City staff report is recommending the development of a disc golf course on City-owned lands adjacent to the Nelson Memorial Park Cemetery.

City staff has reviewed the report and they found the Nelson Disc Golf Society’s proposal for the course to be suitable with three provisions now included.

The Society presented to City council at the November, 2010 committee of the whole meeting, handing in a revised proposal to staff for a trial course for 2011.

The proposal includes using existing fallen timber or 4×4 pressure treated posts to build and install 18 tone targets and tee areas (no concrete).

As well, four signs at existing trailheads entering the area will let people know there is a temporary disc golf course, open to all as a multi-use area.

The third revision included a sign at the main entrance explaining disc golf rules, asking users to respect the area.

The costs are minimal to install the course, with the land not being removed from the City’s land inventory. The land tenure would allow the City to revoke any rights to the land as required.

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Four-plex proposal plies the bureaucratic waters

Another development permit has been received by City Hall.

A four-plex for 601 Latimer St. is being proposed. The applicant is requesting a variance to vary the requirement for six stalls of underground parking to six stalls of at-grade parking, relax the lot coverage from 45 to 48 per cent, and the front and exterior side setbacks from 4.5 metres to 3.4 metres.

The subject property consists of two vacant lots on the corner of Latimer and Josephine Streets.!/TheNelsonDaily

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