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May proclaimed Child Care Month, yet child care providers face difficult reality

Nelson Daily Editor
By Nelson Daily Editor
May 20th, 2011

By Dorothy Kaytor, West Kootenay Early Years Coordinator

Did you know that the child care providers being recognized this month — as part of Child Care Month — are Early Childhood Educators whose average salary is $13.50 per hour? 

This does not reflect their education or the responsibility of caring for children and supporting families. The result is a shortage of these skilled professionals and fewer child care spaces available to families. 

According to the proclamation, everyone from childcare providers, parents and government to business, and Aboriginal communities all share a commitment to ensuring that quality child care spaces are available for families.

The proclamation also states that the BC Government is committed to providing safe, affordable, culturally relevant and high quality child care options for families.

Clearly there is much work to be done by the provincial government to ensure that the reality for children, families and child care providers both in licensed programs and family child care homes reflects the government’s proclamations.  

If Premier Christy Clark is putting “Families First”, let this be the year the provincial budget reflects the needs of families and child care providers. 

Take action

  • If you are a parent looking for child care or who have to leave their child care arrangement because of unaffordable fees, contact the Premier’s office at
  • If you are a child care provider make sure parents using your care are informed about your level of education, responsibility, years of experience and the average salary of the staff at the centre. 
  • If you are a child care provider, take time to celebrate your work, each other and the families who count on you every day. 
  • Let this be the month and the year that the British Columbia government follows the lead from other Canadian provinces to ensure affordable, quality child care provided by child care providers who are adequately compensated for their valuable work.

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The 13 members are all community-based social service organizations and operate in communities located throughout this region. For more information about this Co-operative, visit For more information about the Early Years Office please visit

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