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Win a free energy makeover for your business

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
April 15th, 2011

By Nina Winham

Bring on your flickering fluorescents.
Unload your overburdened outlets.
Confess your energy offenses.

If you’re a great candidate for an “energy makeover,” BC Hydro wants you.

Right now, small-to-medium sized businesses and non-profits can apply to be the next Energy Fix makeover candidate.

That means an all-expenses paid journey towards energy efficiency (up to a value of $35,000) that will bring down your electricity bills, engage your staff and customers, and help you glow a brighter shade of green.

“We had a great success with our first-ever ‘Energy Fix’ makeover last year,” says Janis Tong, coordinator of the program. “A lot of small businesses were able to learn about energy efficiency in an easy, digestible way through our videos. So now we’re on the hunt for a new business to retrofit.”

First energy makeover candidate

Last summer, Donald’s Market in Vancouver was the first “energy makeover” candidate. The market was retrofitted with a variety of new lights, improvements to refrigerator cases, and improved heating and ventilation measures. The company is now saving more than $11,000 on its annual electricity bill – and has happier customers and employees to boot.

The retrofit was filmed and presented in a series of online videos so that other managers and business owners could learn from Donald’s experience. Now, BC Hydro wants to repeat the retrofit-and-education opportunity with a new organization willing to share its learning with others.

“Entering the contest is simple,” says Tong.

“There are four questions which require you explain why you deserve to be the next makeover candidate, how your business would benefit, a bit about your goals and motivations, and how you will spread the word about energy conservation within your local community.”

Entrants can submit up to three photos, and a video of up to 90 seconds, to support their entry.

“Of course it will help if an entrant’s makeover job would create a dramatic effect, such as changing out extremely old lighting,” says Tong.

“But their motivation also counts – are they already doing a few conservation oriented things, are they keen to learn more?” And of course, the organization has to be willing to be on camera, to share the experience.

If this sounds like you, enter the Energy Fix contest today. Deadline for entry is April 29.


The entries will be narrowed by a BC Hydro panel, then the top three candidates will be posted online.

The winner will be chosen through an online vote open to the public, and announced in early June. Visit to keep in touch with announcements about finalists, voting, and the winning organization.

The Energy Fix makeover will take place during the summer. During Power Smart month (October) the makeover videos will be posted online – your chance to learn what was accomplished, and to enter in a draw for great prizes for each video you watch.

So take a look around your office, workspace, production room, kitchen or retail space – and think about what $35,000 in energy efficient technologies could do for you.


• Go to the Energy Fix Contest page and fill out the entry form.

• Watch videos from the Donald’s Market makeover at the bottom of the Energy Fix Contest page.

• Learn more about ongoing BC Hydro incentives that can help you upgrade to energy-efficient lighting and more.

Nina Winham is a Vancouver-based sustainability consultant and frequent contributor to the Power of Business and Current eNewsletters.


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