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This is the time of the great quickening, and the quickening just got quicker

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
March 21st, 2011

By Spectral Star Wizard

A major earthquake took place on March 11 and Japan’s landmass is reported to have moved eight feet (2.4 metres), according to reports issued by the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Italy.

The Earth is said to have shifted by four inches or 10 centimetres on its axis, as well. This level of movement is very unusual to say the least, however, considering the macro field fluctuations recently, it is not remotely surprising but, in fact, diversely and personally predicted.

Right now the Moon is closest to the Earth than it has been in 19 years, and during the earthquake in Japan the Moon was also aligned with a big trigger: a culmination of shift energy potential maximizes.

That was Saturday, March 19 (just a day before spring equinox) as the full Moon in the last degrees of Tropical Libra was closely aligned (by only a few degrees out of 360) with the super galactic centre (SGC) — the central hub of our local galactic system by which thousands of our family of galaxies revolve around.

Such a massive source of influence is profound, to say the least.

However, that’s just the beginning of it

The centre of our galaxy (GC) is at 27 degrees of Tropical Sagittarius, which is almost 90 degrees (square) to the SGC. The GC is even tighter in alignment with this full Moon (approximately only one degree).

The cardinal points of the seasons (Earth’s orbital tilt points) and the nodes of the Moon (moving eclipse points) are exactly aligned with it as well, by 90-degree aspects (squares).

Also, the Sun will be nearly precisely aligned with the eccentrically unusual planet Uranus, which recently entered Tropical Aries, which is infamous for impulsive action — and Uranus is infamous for triggering shifts of all types.

Uranus revolves around the Sun on a nearly 90-degree angle to the other planets, so its poles point horizontally toward the ecliptic plane as if it were rolling around the Sun on an invisible track.

The other planets spin vertically like tops, orbiting on invisible arcs of light frequencies and gravitational torsion waves.

And then it continues

The Sun’s alignment with Uranus is aligned nearly exactly with an energy tension release point of Sun, Moon and Earth called Lilith.

Between all of these critical factors (of which there are too many to mention in this article, though I will get into them deeply on my next episode of Universal Traveler — see details below) all of this adds up to what is called a triple grand square.

From the Earth’s perspective, all these alignments form three perfectly aligned squares.
Squares release tension, as does Uranus, Lilith and the Moon’s nodal points, and galactic cores emit and retrieve high frequency information signals called galactic logos.

The great quickening

This is the time of the great quickening and the quickening just got quicker, and continues exponentially as the Solar System gets tighter and tighter in alignment with our galaxy’s ecliptic plane and the super galactic plane.

Myself and many others have been speaking about these times for decades, and before that. It has been discovered and written about for eons, from time immemorial, from all across the globe in unique interpretations.

Yet it all points to the same general conclusion: major shifts occur when our Sun aligns with the ecliptic plane of our galaxy.

That major shift will occur precisely on Dec. 21, 2012 at 11:11 a.m. GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) and U.T., and simultaneously align very closely with the SGC at the same time.

This is actually what the Mayan Great Count Calendar measured, the crossing of the galactic planes and all major turning points within the macro cycles.

It is a galactic season shift that takes hundreds of years to complete, yet shift rate increases exponentially as the alignment orb tightens.

A field polarity reversal will come

Season shifts of this level imply a field polarity reversal, as spirals spin in opposite directions on the Northern and Southern Hemispheres of any electromagnetic torsion field — such as a star or planet. They are inclusive of any material or non-material energy form.

For example, when spring hits, more sensitive people are conscious of the shift in the energy that occurs most strongly at a precise moment that day. However, there is a three-day stabilizing ‘neutral point’ called the seasonal cusp. This is relative to the macro level shift of galactic seasonal shifts.

Bringing it all together

So, in summary, I intend to further share information about this topic soon. The galactic alignment culminates in intensity on winter solstice in 2012, along with the crossing of the galactic ecliptic plane.

That plane is the most densely “radiative” part of the horizontal plane of our galaxy (or any other electromagnetic torsion wave vortex field).

It equates to a higher than usual galactic influx, and a saturating of the solar system’s plasma field — measured at over 10 times previous amounts — and is considered the main cause of all the planets warming.

The plane radiates more light, as well as massive increases in sudden shifts of all types (awakenings, synchronicities and paranormal activity) as the field is more full of active energy (cosmic, gamma and microwave rays).

This explains the technological advances such as “free” energy technologies, which tap energy directly out of the field.

Prepare for the ride

So buckle your seat belts, universal travelers, and remember that these cyclic processes are completely natural and have previously caused quantum level, evolutionary paradigm shifts from quickenings, the classic Maya reference to galactic alignments.

It is realignment with the womb of the Great Mother, which equates to rebirth, “endings are beginnings and opportunities,” to relax and “grow” with the flow.

Take care of y-our-selves. Namaste (I am another y-our-self).

To figure out how to align with the shift to maximize beneficial outcomes, tune into my radio and Internet podcast show Universal Traveler, live Sundays at noon on Kootenay Co-op Radio at 93.5 FM, or on the Internet at, where you can download episodes or subscribe for free automatic weekly downloads.

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Universal Traveler

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Universal Travel Agent Yellow Star has been, since the turn of the millennium, sharing Wizard tools and information about the paradigm shift of galactic alignment occurring now.

He uses a unique form of tapping into the universal mind — which he terms Astro (or Astral)-Cosmology, a unique blend of traditional astrology as well as Mayan Cosmology — to alert and awaken us more deeply to the super-conscious order behind all things.

Astro-cosmology is like a key or lens into the causal planes that create matter and experiences. Using the A.C.E.R, the astro-cosmologically-based evolutionary weather report, Yellow Star tunes into the Universal mind of the Source and receives information that he then down steps into words.

He suggests allowing ourselves to enter a semi-meditative state with minimal distractions, and to “listen” between, above and beyond the words: the Source translates for us individually through our heart and soul on a multi-dimensional level,

This helps us to be more cognizant of the multi-dimensional, non-linear informative download that is occurring beyond linear organic brain processes.

This way we become more conscious of the individual and collective super-conscious causal planes which are creating our experiences by tuning into, and ‘reading,’ the tapestries of the consciously directed, multi-dimensional energies of the unified field, creating matter and our experiences.


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