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Area F won't get second crack at library referenda: Mickel

Nelson Daily Editor
By Nelson Daily Editor
October 22nd, 2010

By Timothy Schafer, The Nelson Daily

There won’t be another referendum on library services in Area F.

The regional district’s director for the area has decided the extra $7,000 needed to conduct another referendum — after an initial taxpayer-funded vote passed by a margin of only three votes — is too much.

Ron Mickel told the Regional District of Central Kootenay administration that the official vote count on Monday, that showed 416 ‘yes’ votes to 413 ‘no’ votes, would be enough to enter into service for the Nelson Municipal Library

Along with regional district area E and southern H, Area F residents went to the polls on Saturday night to vote on whether to enter in to the Nelson Library financial contribution at a rate of $10.30 per $100,000 of property assessment.

After the recount on Monday revealed only a three-vote difference in the two sides, Mickel had considered holding another referendum to gain a better idea of where people’s sentiments resided.

However, RDCK general manager of corporate administration, Dawn Attorp, confirmed Thursday Mickel will not be seeking further expense of a second referendum.

The previous library referendum in Area F in 1991 failed by 11 votes.

In the Slocan Valley (southern Area H), the vote passed by a count of 489 to 316, with Winlaw leading the vote at 194 yes to 86 no. It was announced beforehand that, if the vote in southern H passed, Winlaw would benefit by receiving a satellite library service outlet. Area E was firmly in the ‘no’ category with 597 (no) to 390 (yes).

Voter turnout was 34.1 per cent (992 people) in Area E, 28.6 per cent in Area F (832) and 30.6 per cent in southern H (808).


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