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Williams, Alberta

(December 3rd, 2021)

Alberta Williams, passionate, joyful, loving, generous, a force to be reckoned with, organized herself and the rest of us right to the end. She died on December 3rd, 2021.

My mom and dad, Winston Williams, moved here to Nelson 3.5 years ago to live their last years with my family and I (Catherine Williams, Andrew Jones, Liam & Aliza Jones) after spending the 10 years prior in London Ontario to live with my sister, Melissa Williams-Pavlov and her family (Gary Pavlov & Kyla Gallace).

Mom was born and raised and spent most of her life in Enfield, Nova Scotia. She was the eldest of 9 in a stereotypical large and musical maritime family that spent much of their spare time together. I thought it was normal to spend so much time with almost 30 relatives at once in my grandparent’s kitchen with food, beer, guitars and loud singing!

My parents were married for 50 years, and they were a great pair. Dad, the lighthearted story telling comedian, would go to the grocery store with mom’s list and would talk to everyone he met forgetting all the groceries, but pie and ice cream. They would then return to the store as a couple for a shorter trip to get the fruits and veggies. During mom’s last weeks, dad spent all of his time at mom’s side, holding her hand and retelling old stories that mom mostly enjoyed, only rolling her eyes at a few.

Mom was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in mid September. She tried both conventional and alternative interventions so she could spend more time with dad and her family, hoping for one last trip to Nova Scotia. When it became apparent she couldn’t win the battle with cancer, she chose to go out on her own terms dying with medical assistance. My sister from Ontario, three of mom’s sisters and a niece from Nova Scotia all visited the week prior and at mom’s request we decorated the Christmas tree, ordered pizza and wine, and sang Christmas Carols. It was a joyful evening however we completely threw off the Palliative Home Care staff who thought they had the wrong address.

Mom was surrounded by immediate family when she died with dignity and clarity on December 3rd. She was aware that her siblings were gathered at the same time in Nova Scotia. They have since hung a wreath on a tree in a park that my dad carved mom’s name on 20 years ago.

Mom’s ashes will be dispersed in Nova Scotia near an ocean side park with a bag piper and a close family gathering. In lieu of flowers, mom wanted to contribute to cancer research so should you wish to donate, please do so to the Canadian Cancer Society. Otherwise, dad’s idea was to send money his way .

Mom would want to generously thank all of you who were involved in her care.

I am so grateful for my life with you mom.