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Meet Nelson's 2023 Sports Ambassador

Jazmine Lowther is eager to give back to the community by representing and showcasing Nelson as she competes on the international ultra-running stage. — Photo courtesy Fastlight Photography

Jazmine Lowther was recently honoured by the City of Nelson as the 2023 Sports Ambassador.

The City of Nelson Sports Ambassador, awarded to an individual athlete, group or team achieving a high standard of excellence in their athletic pursuits, represent Nelson’s sports and recreational community.

“For me, it’s about giving back and continuing to represent the community,” says Lowther, who competes on the international stage in ultra-running, which is races longer than marathon-length over a wide variety of terrains.

“I love the challenge, endeavouring in pursuits that may seem impossible or insurmountable and overcoming them, and the satisfaction at the end when you’re able to accomplish something is so big, it’s grand. And being outside, exploring new areas, and running long distances over mountains is liberating and freeing."

Lowther's goal as a professional athlete is to inspire others to be healthy, explore pushing their athletic boundaries, and advocate for the environment and climate change activism. 

Hall Printing Daily Dose Reporter Sarah Lord spoke to the 30-year-old ultra-runner about her journey that has taken the Nelsonite to races around the world.

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