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Letter: Business owner frustration boils over

To The Editor:

Dear Mayor Kozak, and City Councilors:

As a health care provider and a business in the City of Nelson I am appalled and extremely frustrated by your lack of action regarding the access issues your Stores to Shores project has created in front of my office. I made you aware of these concerns in early September, and have sent several subsequent emails, but I have yet to receive any type of reply.

My patience has run out.

Due to the unplanned changes in the elevation of Hall Street in front of my office, my disabled clients have been unable to access Orthodontic services since mid-July.

Colin Innes, Kevin Cormack, and by default yourselves (due to lack of response) seem to feel that this is acceptable, and that remediation of these concerns can wait until next year.

The City has partially completed work and then abandoned it. The lack of planning and foresight in this project is astounding, especially considering how much your project Consultant MMM has been paid.

There was no detailed plan for dealing with the consequences to the alley or the area in front of my office, so instead it seems to have been placed in the “too hard” basket.

Why are the City managers not being held accountable?

The inaccessibility of the disabled parking space and the loss of level access is completely unacceptable. There is no other way for clients with mobility issues to access my office.

My patients must be seen every two months to progress their treatment and prevent negative consequences, but the City is denying this. Delivery access is also blocked which is impacting my staff and my business.

Please take action immediately to rectify the problems your construction project has caused.

Dr. Kathryn Bibby, Nelson