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by The Conversation on Tuesday Nov 24 2020

Ottawa’s latest climate plan bets on expensive and unproven carbon capture technologies  

By Burgess Langshaw Power, from The Conversation   

Last week, the federal government released its long awaited plan to tackle greenhouse gas...

by David Suzuki on Wednesday Nov 18 2020

What we refer to as “plastic” hasn’t been around for long. But its usefulness has caused production to skyrocket — from about two million tonnes in 1950 to almost 400 million tonnes a year now, and rising steadily. It’s a problem.

Although much of it can be recycled, most isn’t. That’s led many local and national governments worldwide to ban or consider bans on non-essential “single-use...

by The Conversation on Monday Nov 09 2020

By Scott B. Rankin and Angus J. Duff, for The Conversation

A growing number of people are redefining what “home” looks like. For many of them, it looks like a van.

The trend to #vanlife is fuelled by the declining...

by The Narwhal on Wednesday Nov 04 2020

COVID-19 has delayed the Environmental Assessment Office’s work on establishing regulations for regional assessments, which will look at the cumulative effects of all past, present and future industrial projects

By Matt Simmons, for The Narwhal

At first glance, northwest B.C. is a vast wild landscape home to big...

by David Suzuki on Tuesday Oct 20 2020

In its throne speech, the federal government committed to exceed Canada’s 2030 climate targets. The need for new, more ambitious targets and a plan to meet them couldn’t be more urgent. The UN’s annual “Emissions Gap Report 2019” found Earth is headed toward 3.2 C warming based on current and estimated emissions trends — a scenario one expert described as “terrifying.” The report called on...

by David Suzuki on Wednesday Oct 14 2020

To save wild salmon, Discovery Islands fish farms must go

During their miraculous but perilous journey from inland spawning grounds, down rivers, out to sea and back again years later, Pacific wild salmon often must pass open-net coastal salmon farms. Here they swim through waters that can harbour parasitic sea lice and harmful viruses and bacteria. 

In its 2012...

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