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These Boots are produced in Nelson — DeVito Boot Co.

Ari Lord
By Ari Lord
March 14th, 2024

Vince DeVito Shoes is in the process of not only repairing and selling fine footwear, but also producing a new line of boots for workers in the forestry.

“It’s a boot that’s for people who work in the outdoor industry,” says Mat DeVito, who along with brother Joel are now working in the shoe retail and repair departments. 

DeVito Boot Co.’s boot is aimed at forestry workers, wildfire fighters, and other forest-based professionals.

The company has used the reputation and connections built over generations to make this new chapter possible.

Devito says it was important to work with ethical companies when it came to sourcing and manufacturing.

The DeVito’s are in the very early stages with the boot and it won’t come to market until after Easter, but they are hard at work creating wholesaling relationships throughout BC.

To read more from Ari Lord’s interview with Mat DeVito in the Hall Printing Daily Dose, click here for the link to the story.

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