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Nelson Fire & Rescue Services approves burning period for city residents

By Contributor
March 24th, 2024

Nelson Fire & Rescue Services has approved a burn period for residents from March 30th until May 12th. This initiative aims to encourage residents to reduce the amount of deadfall and woody debris around their homes this spring.

The primary purpose of allowing this burn period is to minimize the fire risk posed by these ground fuels. Given the dry summers and serious wildfire seasons the city has experienced in recent years, reducing fuel is crucial.

Here are some key details about the burn period:

  • Duration: The burn period will run from March 30th to May 12th, subject to weather, venting and local fire conditions.
  • Purpose: The burn aims to reduce non-compostable woody debris, which includes clean, dry wood resulting from residential yard clean-up. However, it does not include burning yard waste or vegetative matter like leaves, grass clippings, dimensional lumber and other construction materials.
  • Permit: Burning woody debris requires a permit, which can be obtained in person at the fire hall located at 919 Ward Street for a fee of $10. Those burning must provide proof of fire insurance for the property where the burning will take place.

Residents are also required to report to Nelson Fire and Rescue Services on the days they intend to burn. Burning will only be allowed when the Ministry of Environment’s Venting Index is listed as “Good” on the day of burning to minimize the accumulation of smoke in the air. Contravention of the bylaw may result in suspension or revocation of the permit and/or a fine or fee for service.

Alternative Disposal:

Nelson Fire & Rescue Services suggests the best way for residents to rid their properties of these fuels is to take them to the Grohman Narrows Transfer Station. Charges are only $6 per load for yard waste loads up to 2.5 cubic metres ($50 for large loads and $50/tonne if chipped) .

Thanks to the RDCK, there is no charge to drop yard waste during the month of May. For more information regarding charges and what is acceptable please go to

Nelson homeowners over the age of 65, with limited mobility, or those who cannot undertake mitigation activities themselves may also apply for no-cost residential wildfire mitigation services to reduce the fuel loading and remove high-risk vegetation from their properties through the FireSmart program.  Conditions apply, so please contact 250-352-8116 or email for details on how to register.

For more information on how to protect your home from wildfires including how to obtain a free home assessment and access rebates programs, visit

Remember, safety and responsible burning practices are essential during this period. Let’s work together to keep our community safe.

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