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City of Nelson Celebrates Award Winners at Annual Reception

By Contributor
December 13th, 2023

Mayor Morrison presented the City of Nelson’s awards for 2023 at the Annual Reception on December 12th.

These awards honour the outstanding contributions of individuals and organizations in sports, sustainability, heritage, and culture, showcasing the commitment and achievements that enrich the Nelson community.

In presenting these awards, Mayor Morrison commended the recipients for their exceptional work.

“These award winners represent the best of Nelson’s spirit and dedication to enhancing our community,” said Mayor Morrison.

“Their outstanding achievements serve as an inspiration and guide us toward a more prosperous and sustainable future.”

2024 Sports Ambassador – Lola Brouillette

The Sports Ambassador is awarded to an individual athlete, group or team who has achieved a high standard of excellence in their athletic pursuits. The Sports Ambassador has the privilege and responsibility to represent Nelson’s sport and recreation community and the City of Nelson when engaged in athletic pursuits.

Lola Brouillette, an exemplary figure in Nelson’s sports community, received the 2024 Sports Ambassador Award. Her significant achievements in boxing at an international level and her role in nurturing young athletes highlight her dedication to sports excellence and community development.

Nelson Boxer Lola Brouillette is presented with the 2024 Sports Ambassador by Mayor Janice Morrison. — Submitted

Sustainability Leadership Awards

The Sustainability Leadership Awards acknowledge individuals, organizations and businesses delivering creative solutions in moving Nelson towards its vision of being a prosperous and resilient community with robust ecosystems and safe, welcoming neighbourhoods where diversity, history and culture are celebrated.

The recipients have worked on a project, program or initiative over the last 18 months that exhibits each of the five principles of sustainability from the City’s Path to 2040 Sustainability Strategy: Cultural Strength, Healthy Neighborhoods, Robust Ecosystems, Prosperity, and Resiliency.

The Sustainability Leadership Awards were presented to the following recipients:

  • Nelson Community Services’ Street Outreach Program: The Street Outreach team includes Jeremy Kelly, Lyann Hunter, and Ryall Giuliano. The program stands as a pillar of strength and support for the most vulnerable members of our community. The team’s approach goes beyond providing basic needs; they engage deeply with individuals, offering emotional support, practical assistance, and a path towards stability. They address complex issues like addiction, poverty, and homelessness with empathy and unwavering commitment, playing a crucial role in fostering a safer, more inclusive community.
  • Dan Thompson of Rokform Solutions: Dan Thompson is recognized for his pioneering work in sustainable building practices, especially his advocacy for the use of low-carbon concrete alternatives. His innovative approach has not only elevated the standards of sustainable construction in Nelson, but has also served as a model for environmentally responsible practices in the broader building industry.
  • George Chandler: George Chandler’s passionate advocacy and volunteer work for public spaces have significantly contributed to reducing Nelson’s carbon footprint and promoting community involvement. His tireless efforts as a prolific volunteer across various community initiatives have made him a well-respected and indispensable member of the Nelson community.

George Chandler receives the Sustainability Leadership Award from Nelson Mayor Janice Morrison. — Submitted

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