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Toadfest coming to Summit Lake Provincial Park near Nakusp

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August 6th, 2023

Mark your calendar for Toadfest because you’re invited! It’s at Summit Lake Provincial Park near Nakusp on Wednesday, August 16 from 4-7 p.m. and Thursday, August 17, from 9 a.m.-12 p.m.

Toadfest is a free, fun, family event, raising awareness about the western toad — designated federally as a Species of Special Concern in 2002.

There are several key breeding sites in the West Kootenay, including Summit Lake. Toadfest presents a great opportunity to learn about the toad’s natural history, life cycle and habitat needs, and to see other local amphibians, snakes, insects and turtles.

The event occurs each summer, when the toadlets emerge from Summit Lake and migrate to higher ground across Highway 6.

Due to the above-average temperatures we’ve experienced this year, egg and tadpole development has been fast, resulting in one of the earliest local movements of toadlets. During Toadfest, you can collect the toadlets and help them across the road if they are present in the park. Please don’t move the toadlets outside of this event. 

As well as seeing western toads and other local species, come and enjoy the kids’ activities, and visit the displays and exhibits. Pick up a Toadfest T-shirt—all proceeds go to local conservation projects.

Toadfest is coordinated by the Fish & Wildlife Compensation Program (FWCP), with support from B.C. Parks, the Ministry of Forests, Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, Okanagan Nation Alliance, and Yellowhead Road and Bridge Ltd. Parking is limited so please carpool. For more information, visit

The FWCP is a partnership between BC Hydro, the Province of B.C., Fisheries and Oceans Canada, First Nations and public stakeholders, to conserve and enhance fish and wildlife in watersheds impacted by BC Hydro dams.


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