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UPDATED: RCMP Explosives Unit destroys suspicious package left in NPD parking lot

Lone Sheep Publishing
By Lone Sheep Publishing
May 7th, 2023

Nelson Police said that a suspicious package left in the parking lot of the Stanley Street detachment has been destroyed by the RCMP Explosives Unit.

Nelson Police had cordoned off the 600 Block of Stanley Street for most of Sunday afternoon after two individuals left the suspicious package in the parking early Sunday morning.

“At approximately 4 p.m. the RCMP Explosives Unit arrived and examined the package,” Nelson Police said.

“Out of an abundance of caution the package was destroyed remotely by a specialized robot.”

“The contents were determined not to be hazardous,” Nelson Police added.

Nelson Police said officers continue to investigate the incident.

Suspicious package shuts down 600 Block of Stanley Street, NPD office

Nelson Police said that the 600 Block of Stanley Street is closed to the public after a suspicious package was left in the department’s parking lot in the early hours of Sunday, May 7, 2023.

In a media release, Nelson Police said that until further notice, the 600 block of Stanley Street, including the sidewalks, is closed.

“(T)wo unknown individuals attended the Nelson Police Department parking lot and deposited a suspicious package,” the NPD media release said.

“In consultation with the RCMP Explosives Unit the area has been secured until they can attend and assess the package.”

Nelson Police said the department office will be closed.

If anyone requires assistance they are asked to please call the non-emergency line at 250-354-3919.

Nelson Police will provide an update later in the day.

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