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Possible Drug Overdose Leads to Criminal Investigation — NPD

The Nelson Daily Staff
By The Nelson Daily Staff
May 28th, 2023

Nelson Police continue an investigation following the search and seizure at a mid-level drug operation in the City of Nelson last week.

Nelson Police said in a media release that investigation resulted after officers were called to assist with a possible drug overdose during the early hours of Wednesday, May 24.

Nelson Police said officers attend and performed First Aid and CPR on the victim until Emergency Health Services (EHS) arrived on scene.

Nelson Police said several unanswered questions and items of concern identified on the scene, urged officers to begin a criminal investigation later on that same day. 

Nelson Police said officers obtained two judicial authorizations to conduct searches of a property, with the warrants executed in the City of Nelson resulting in evidence being obtained related to the initial criminal investigation and the second warrant related to an illicit drug operation.

“We are confident that this was a mid-level drug operation where drugs were being received, prepared and packaged for further distribution in the Nelson area and perhaps beyond,” said Chief Constable Donovan Fisher in the media release.

“This has resulted in a significant seizure and will have an immediate impact on the local drug trafficking scene,” Fisher added.

Nelson Police said that the various materials seized will be sent to Health Canada labs for analysis to determine the exact make-up of the substances.

Nelson Police are currently seeking to speak with several persons of interest in these investigations and urge anyone with information is asked to call the detachment at 250-354-3919.

Fisher said as for the original criminal matter that led to the obtaining and executing of the search warrants “. . . this matter is still under investigation, no further comment can be provided at this time as to the nature of the investigation.”

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