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Nelson at its Best hosts Public Space Community Meeting

By Contributor
May 26th, 2023

Beginning with last May’s video evening at the Civic Theatre that explored what public space is and how it benefits communities, then through 10 “park bench” conversations and a public survey, some 650 people have weighed in on how our public spaces are valued, how they could be improved, as well as having a vision for the future.

The community conversations and survey revealed that while Nelson’s open spaces are heavily used and appreciated, there is potential for significant improvement in the streets, sidewalks, intersections and other connecting areas.

“[I] love the idea of connected outdoor spaces, safe walking and biking paths between, [a] public shuttle into downtown with less cars there.” (Survey comment)

“We were struck by the level of interest shown in the gamut of public space issues, but some clear themes arose,” said Sean Ryan with Nelson at its Best.

“The vast majority of the comments fell into one or more of the three key themes: Connectivity, Accessibility and People-centred Downtown.”

Building on a May 23rd Committee of the Whole presentation to Council, at the community meeting on May 29th you’ll hear about the key themes that emerged from this community engagement, and discuss how we as citizens can work together in realizing the common goals that emerged — including how to promote public space by participating in the Nelson Official Community Plan (OCP) public engagement process that will begin later this year. 

Nelson at its Best hopes that its public engagement report and this public event will increase active participation related to public space, including around updating our current OCP. It is an ideal opportunity to explore solutions and innovations around the type of infrastructure — physical and social —  would best serve, sustain and benefit all our citizens.

Let’s help create a connected, vital, and healthy community together. We look forward to seeing you there.

  • What: Public Space Community Meeting – “We Know What We Want, How Do We Get It?”
  • When: Monday May 29th,  7 p.m.
  • Where: Nelson Public Library

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