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Letter: Everyone Who's Been Suffering

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
January 10th, 2022

To The Editor:

Our world has changed

Like never before and it’s so sad

Every day because our lives have changed 

So much in life today and so many families suffering

Like never before and this killer virus is here to stay

And we where all caught and unaware and it’s sadness

In the air and Isolated from our loved ones every day

And there’s know happiness or joy in our lives today

It’s just an other loved one who’s sadly passed away

And coronavirus or Omicron walks among us every day

And we try our best to struggle through 

This horrible coronavirus storm 

Trying to stay safe and keep ourselves warm

And the pain and hurt it’s brought us all and 

There’s nothing much to gain and our

Peace and love has all gone away

And it’s just a lonely tear rolling down my face and I’ve been

Crying inside this cold lonely old place

And all the pain running though me every day

Coronavirus coronavirus 

Omicron Omicron when will you ever

Just go away and I cry for the loved ones who’s sadly

Passed away and I’m still cocooning every day and

I’m truly lost without you in my life and

The world has changed so much

Coronavirus Omicron every day in our life

And the darkness surrounds the world so much today

And it’s so cold and painful every day and

I feel the chill up and down my spine so much in life

And our warm hugs and soft kisses

Have just all faded away and

Just like our loved ones fading away

And nobody to hold at night

And nobody to whisper I love you goodnight it’s horrible Omicron tonight  

And a lonely tear rolls down my face and

I try to smile and remember your beautiful smiling face

As coronavirus has slowly taken you away

And I promise you all I’ll love

And pray for everyone

Who’s been suffering from Coronavirus or 

Omicron every day.

David P. Caroll, Nelson, BC

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