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Nelson Fire Rescue firefighters respond to wildfire near Cottonwood Lake

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
June 14th, 2021

Nelson Fire Rescue and Services crews were called into action to extinguish a wildfire Sunday night near Cottonwood Lake.

In a media release Monday, Nelson Fire Rescue & Services said the fire was likely caused by lightning as a result of Sunday night’s storm that rolled through the region.

“Crews found a lightening caused wildfire, 15 meters wide and 20 meters long, that was burning aggressively up a gulley feature on a steep west facing slope in heavy timber,” Nelson Fire Rescue and Services said.

The call came in at 9:27 p.m., prompting Nelson Fire Rescue & Services to send two on duty members along with four firefighters being called in from home to the location south of the Heritage City.

“Adjacent fuels above, extended into Selous Creek and a portion of Nelson’s domestic watershed,” Nelson Fire Rescue & Services said.

“An incident action plan was created to access the fire via the BNR Rail Trail, 500 meters south of Cottonwood Lake.”

Nelson Fire Rescue and Services said firefighters extended wildland firefighting hose up to the fire and proceeded to knock down fire spread with approximately 1200 gallons (5000 litres) of water, along with firefighting foam.

“The cause of the fire was readily apparent with a large Douglas Fir tree having been hit by lightning during last night’s storm,” Nelson Fire Rescue & Services said.

Cottonwood Lake is located approximately 10 kilometers south of Nelson on Highway 6.

Nelson Fire Rescue & Services said firefighters were assisted by one fire engine and one Water Tender. 

Nelson Fire Rescue & Services said two additional firefighters remained within the City, responding to a medical call, and dispatching multiple power outages for Nelson Hydro.

There were no injuries reported as a result of this incident.

Nelson Fire & Rescue Services would like to remind residents that conditions are very dry under the forest canopy and, fires can spread rapidly.

“We would like to thank the caller from a nearby residence who dialed 911 enabling a rapid-fire response,” Nelson Fire Rescue & Services said.

Wildfires in the broader Southeast Fire Centre can also be reported by calling 1-800-663-5555 or *5555 from your cellphone.

Property owners are encouraged to contact Nelson Fire & Rescue Services to request a COVID friendly FireSmart Assessment of their home to help reduce the risk of a fire starting from falling embers from a nearby fire.

“The most important action that homeowners and renters can be take is clear all combustibles such as plants, wood and debris from the first 1.5m around homes,” Nelson Fire Rescue & Services said. 

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