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'Log Jam' protest interrupts traffic Friday in Nelson

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
May 28th, 2021

A group of logging activists staged a peaceful protest called a “Log Jam” Friday morning outside the Provincial Courthouse in Nelson.

The group, consisting of high school students and community members, gathered at approximately 7:30 a.m. Friday to raise awareness of logging practices in the industry, by pressing pause and holding space in silence and also stopping traffic on the busy Highway 3A access though Nelson.

“The focus of the gathering was to raise the conscience of the community regarding the logging of old growth forests and pressuring the Minister of Forestry Katrine Conroy to immediately halt the logging of Old Growth forests in BC,” an emailed statement to The Nelson Daily said.

“Ms Conroy and Premier Horgan are also strongly urged to stop the aggressive and violent response of militarized police on unarmed forest defenders at the Fairy Creek blockade.”

Fairy Creek has been in the news of late as protestors attempt to save one of the last unprotected, intact, old-growth forests on southern Vancouver Island.

RCMP have been busy trying to enforce a court injunction against the anti-logging blockade near the Fairy Creek Watershed.

Wednesday, more than 70 concern citizens from Extinction Rebellion West Kootenay staged a rally outside the office of Kootenay West MLA.

The logging activists returned during the afternoon to stage another rally, and slow any logging trucks heading through Nelson.

The people protesting stopped traffic, including a logging truck, Friday morning outside the Provincial Courthouse in Nelson. — Submitted 

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