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Air filtration brings its 'Roots Back to The Koots'

Jeff Sawyer
By Jeff Sawyer
June 4th, 2020

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In today’s global landscape of evolving marketplaces, small successful companies are often purchased and shut down, or strategically move from their small communities to larger city centers.  In some cases these companies are simply relocated to our neighbor south of the border to gain a competitive advantage, leaving behind an empty building that was once a bustling space of skilled workers and thoughtful design processes.

Such is the case for the successful, local 6-mile manufacturing facility that brought the Carbon Air Filter manufacturing industry to North America 30+ years ago Can-Filters. As a result, leaving many employees without the job they had enjoyed and developed with exceptional value. And unfortunately like any business closure, this forced the displaced employees to seek new employment, which can be challenging in smaller rural communities such as Nelson, B.C., especially when there are other indirect economic downturns.

However, Nelson’s unique ability to cultivate a vibrant wheelhouse around its pioneering spirit through technology and innovation has always stood the test of time, and is accomplished by the people who call this region home.

Today, The Daily Dose is proud to introduce a new filter manufacturer to the Nelson region, Kootenay Filters Inc. Read all about Kootenay Filters Inc in the Daily Dose.





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