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The Nelson Daily encourages community support of local business during COVID-19

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
March 30th, 2020

During these challenging times, The Nelson Daily and The Daily Dose would like to share our deepest gratitude to our front line healthcare professionals and to our beloved and resilient business community.

May you continue to inspire local pride, we are proud and support you.

Developing opportunities for making and supporting all things local in this moment of deep impact is our strength, and is the formative force that is the foundation of our beautiful community.

From the ‘Nelson Helps’ Facebook Page to citizens lighting their homes up in hearts to send a grateful message to all the healthcare professionals working tirelessly day and night; and the local tech community who collectively adapted their skills and resources to 3D print protective equipment for Kootenay Lake Hospital in Nelson and Kootenay Regional Boundary Hospital in Trail – your purpose, your efforts and your motivations to help and make a difference are not going unnoticed during this very challenging time for all your businesses and operations, as we are now beginning to realize themagnitude, immediate dangers and threats COVID-19 represents for people all over the world, including right here in rural Canada.

The Nelson Daily knows we all feel and share the same sentiments, and are very sad for the families of the brave people who have already suffered due to COVID-19.  

Support Nelson small business and shop online:

It’s our pioneering spirit, which makes our community thrive. Nelsonites have survived economic downturns in the past, from forestry sector fallouts, to more recent business closures such as Pacific Insight. As a community our collective goal of human endeavour and collaboration will survive this as well, because we work well together, we are strong and we are awesome.

For us, even in the darkest of clouds there is some silver lining to reflect up, as the impact of the outbreak will force everyone into slowing down the pace. Perhaps someone might be exploring more passion projects and discovering new creative endeavours; working from the solitude and peace of your homes; entertaining amongst your closest of friends; cherishing family and your loved ones with thoughtful moments, while learning to become more self-sufficient and even more mindful of space and place.

Suddenly the fashion shows and reality TV programs such as Survivor almost seem bizarre and out of touch; the travel ads that enter our computer screens appear almost invasive and absurd. Even the thoughts of future global events that strive to bring humanity together are vague and inconclusive.

Unfortunately with any pandemic, there is no immediate cure, there is no timeline and there are no boundaries.

And this is where we at The Nelson Daily are hopeful, because just maybe, another and better system will be put in place with more respect for the planet, and the good people who have inherited to tend it.

And as this evolves, the world will be in a position of having a blank page for a new beginning, and perhaps in the end, we will be forced to do what we should have done already in the first place.

Love each other more and take care of one another.

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